Tim Ackerson is a Michigan based self taught wood turner. He believes nothing he can create rivals the beauty of nature.

Most pieces are from trees that grew in Michigan. They are created on a small lathe in his garage, and are skillfully designed to simply harness the earth’s natural beauty.

Since wood is the earth’s only truly renewable resource, Tim uses no living trees for his work. Instead he uses pieces from dead trees and those downed by the wind.


 From parts of the tree to beginning the lathe work, the wood takes approximately two inches per year to cure. Then begins the roughing out of the piece and choosing how to turn it on the lathe for the most artistic result. After that the blanks cure in a environmentally controlled space for six more months.  


Another way Tim prepares the wood is to utilize freshly downed pieces, and turn them as green wood. These finished pieces of art will warp giving them a different character than cured wood.

​Tim then chooses what embellishments he will add such as stained or lamp glass, inlays, etching, or any other additions he feels would enhance the wood. Finally it is back to the lathe for the last turning, oiling, and buffing of the piece.



The quality Tim brings to each piece is truly a commitment to excellence. It brings him a special reward knowing that others can benefit from his ability to create pleasurable wood turned works of art.

Wood lends a warmth to your home and a beauty other materials cannot match. No two trees are exactly alike. Each tree’s soul is in the heart of the wood, it’s innermost core, and reveals it’s life and struggles. Therefore, no two wood turnings are identical. All of Tim’s products are wholly unique allowing the awesome beauty inherent in the tree to shine through.


May you revel in their exquisite details and know that when you choose a piece to compliment your home decor, you are getting an artistic wood turned piece that is truly one of a kind.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope this one-of-a-kind wood turning brings you much pleasure for many years to come.

I am very pleased to announce the winning of the "Jack & Karen Cittadine Purchase Award", and the "Jennifer Abrell & DR. Gordon Hughes Purchase Award" at the Midwest Museum of American Art's 39th Elkhart Juried Regional Exhibition.     

I am very pleased to announce the winning of the "Stan & June Purchase Award" at the Midwest Museum of American Art's 

40th Elkhart Juried Regional Exhibition.